My teaching interests include Environmental History of the Americas, American Roads, Independence in the Americas, Urban History and , History of Science. I still want to teach a course on the Jesuits and the World History. One day.

You can download my most recent syllabi in English( you will need Acrobat Reader).


The more educators and the people investigate the people's thinking, and are thus jointly educated, the more they continue to investigate.

Paulo Freire



HISTORY 301: Methodology

HISTORY 364: Latin American Nations

HISTORY 365: History of Brazil through Movies and Literature

HISTORY 464: Environmental History of Latin America

HISTORY 460/560 : Slavery in Latin America

HISTORY 510: History of Latin American Cities

HISTORY 590: Comparative History - Slavery in the Americas

HISTORY 663: Research Seminar on Latin American History


Prisoners from Canudos, Bahia, 1896.


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