Personal interests

There is more to life than History. Barely.

Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. And Alton Brown is god. I love his Good Eats show, and he is still my first source if I am looking for a good recipe. Well, after watching Julie & Julia, I am ready to give Julia Child a try.

I used to be a fencer, but I haven't found a good club in Long Beach, unfortunately. So I bike, walk with friends, try some dancing and swimming, less often than I should.

I have a fascination for debunkig conspiracy theories, in particular related to holocaust denial. And, the moon hoax conspiracy has also its charm...

And I am addicted to Internet surfing and Podcasts. I never miss NPR: Wait, wait, don't tell...I have been in Orkut for a while, Facebook only recently and I still can get the twitter fever.

(I don't add students to my Facebook, sorry.)

I keep my favorite links here, so take a look.

Oh, I also like soccer - World Cup or when Flamengo plays.


You should see hte next one...

No, this is NOT ordinary climbing for me.
Once in a lifetime, though, you must try everything. Or almost everything.
This was the Sugarloaf, Rio de Janeiro, in 2000.


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