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We are finally beginning the second semester of 2016. it has been at least three years since I updated this page, and so much have happened since...

I work at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Instituto de História, where I teach History of the Americas coordinate the area of Americas - which means I teach everything from Canada to Chile, except Brasil, covering roughtly since 1800.

My post-doctoral fellowship at the RCC ended in May, and I am already missing my good friends in Munich. and hoping I can go there soon.

I am also returning from the awesome last SOLCHA meeting, in Puebla, Mexico. Definitivily worth the visit

Our book series Latin American Landscapes, with the University of Arizona Press, published edited its second book, by Chris Boyer two years ago,. and it is about launch the third, by Regina Horta Duarte. The first one, by Emily Walkind, got every possible book award. It is so good to work with brilliant people.

If you are a student, look to my new page at UFRJ. If you are a colleague, maybe you want to know my research interests - there is a page for you too.

If you are a friend, just send me an email. I would love to hear from you.

September 2016


Today's quote:

"It is a coup d'état. Even if it followed procedure. Even coups have standards.."
Lise Sedrez




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